Welcome to Andrew’s Site

I don’t believe in the”market efficiency” theory. With more than a decade of experience in stock investing and trading, I believe that with proper market research and trading strategy an individual trader can always find an edge to beat the market by multifold.

I like analyzing stocks, especially in the high tech sector, and share my findings with others. I usually email out newsletters in which I analyze and predict the moves in short/medium term of several favorite stocks. I also love to dig into the dark cloud of the market to find the stock gems that I believe can go up 50% or more in a year.

After having posted several newsletters in email groups and shared my ideas on StockTwits, my friends suggested me to start a blog where my articles can reach to more people who may be interested. So, here it is, this site was started in July 2017. Let’s subscribe to follow me. We’re gonna beat the market!

Please read: I’m not a day trader; and I don’t recommend day trading. If you’re looking for the ideas for day trading practices, this site may be not a right place!

Disclaimer: I’m not a finance or investment advisor. I’m not responsible for other people’s trading performance. All posts and articles here are my personal view of the stock market which are provided to the readers for information only. I have no business relationship with the companies I have mentioned in the articles. I don’t receive compensation from any publishers, investment firms or brokers for my posts or articles.